Check power steering fluid

Check power steering fluid

How to check your fluid levels

It’s best to check your power steering fluid when the engine is cold.

The reservoir that holds your power steering fluid can be found under the bonnet, usually on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, but sometimes on the driver’s side.

It’s usually on the side that has the belts in a smaller car. It will say “steering” on the top in any case.

Reservoir will allows you to check the level of the fluid without opening the container. Wipe it off for a clean rag to view of the markings, then check the level.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a clear reservoir, you’ll need to remove the cap to check the level. Before you open it, take a rag and clean the cap and the area around it.

Dirt can really irritate the steering system. The cap will have a dipstick built into it. Wipe the stick off, screw the cap on, then remove it again and check the level.

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