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For Safety our test vehicle have been fitted with dual controls for driving lessons. School car with dual controlsCar is also available for test • Lessons available in your own car.

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As of April 2001 a Driving Theory Test must be passed before a person can obtain their first learner driver permit.
The test is conducted on a computer monitor where 40 multi-choice questions are selected at random from a bank of over 1200 questions 35 must be answered correctly to achieve a pass.


The Irish Theory Test can be arranged by phoning any of the following numbers:
1890 606 106 English speaking, 1890 606 806 Irish speaking and 1890 616 216 (Text Phone) to
arrange Driver Theory Test.

Or you can visit the website:
Driver Theory Test Service
Or by posting a completed Application Form to:-
Driver Theory Test Service,
PO Box 788,
Co. Cork
Application forms can be obtained by telephoning the DTT booking help line, at the DTT test centre, driving test centers and Motor Taxation Offices. Or Download the form from:

Apply for Driving Theory Test online
When booking your theory test, you will need your PPS Number.

The driving test will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete. You will be given clear instructions throughout the test, if you don’t hear correctly or understand something, ask the examiner to repeat it, always be 100% clear on what you have to do. Do not panic if you make a mistake, don’t throw in the towel during the test.

It may not be as serious as you think and it may not mean you have failed the test.

The Day of the Test

Oral Test Section

While the test begins with a check of your provisional licence and it’s validity, then a brief assessment on your knowledge of the rules of the road.

Traffic Signals, Road Signs. Understanding of speed limits and where, when you can and cannot cross lines.

Afterwards, you proceed to the vehicle with the examiner they will ask you to test your indicators & brake lights and they will check for valid tax and insurance.

Know Your Vehicle

Under the Hood Section

This section you will be asked to lift the bonnet and show the instructor where the following are located

Know these: Engine Coolant, Engine Oil, Dipstick, Power Steering Fluid, Window Washer Vessel, and Brake Fluid

In the car, you could be asked to show the following auxiliary vehicle controls in the cockpit.

Know these controls: Fog Lights, Back Window Demister, Air Conditioning, Window Washers, Front Window Demister, Temperature Controls, Directional Airflow Controller

Practice for the test, name the container and click image to check answer. Be able to point out these for the driving test

Reference your Driving Exam Hand Book - Name the following Signs Below.

Public Information Signs

Warning Signs

The Main part of your driving test is practical and include road positioning, overtaking and passing, anticipation and observation.

With correct use of mirrors and signals, progress, speed, compliance with traffic lights, road signs and road markings, and proper use of your vehicle controls.

At some point during your test, the examiner asks you to demonstrate the basic hand signals. Learn them…

Possible Driving Test Routes in Killarney

Driving Test Routes in Killarney

Good Luck in Your Test and Remember to Alway’s Drive Safely